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Episode 10: Why a True Flywheel Must Include Recruiting & Employee Experience

by Shawn Karol Sandy, on Jun 12, 2024 8:00:00 AM


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Are you hiding your company culture behind a vague job description? How's that working out for you? A hiring "miss" is so expensive - put your culture front and center to attract right fit talent and make moments that matter for your team.

Hey there, saucy listeners!

It's Make Moments That Matter - Episode 10! This week we're continuing our discussion of the flywheel and your business development ecosystem, focusing on recruiting, onboarding, and your team's experience working for you. Making moments that matter isn't just about prospects and customers, you know. It's a tough job market with a major talent crunch, so how will you attract - and retain! - those high performers you need to keep your flywheel spinning and your business growing?

Tune in as Kim and Shawn discuss ways to create moments that matter, from the first time a prospective employee reads your job ad to celebrating work milestones (or as we call them here, Sauceversaries). Spoiler alert: it's all about the CULTURE you create, and then intentionally foster. This is not set it and forget it. It's not your mission statement and core values hanging on the walls of your office. You must be thoughtful, attentive, intentional, and diligent to make sure you have the right folks on your team. We're not ashamed to admit, this is a lesson we've learned the hard way, maybe even more than once. But we are so excited to share what's working for Team Sauce and what we've helped our clients implement with their hiring practices and talent retention. 

Tune in for:

04:17 Shawn discusses the concept of "upfront culture". Every interaction you have with a prospective employee should be a preview of what it's like to work for you! Can we please get rid of these vague job descriptions with no salary range listed? Is that even working for anybody? Embrace every opportunity to build trust, credibility and confidence.
13:35 Kim gets granular with how to develop an applicant tracking system in HubSpot that will streamline and scale your recruiting efforts, plus how to identify serious candidates by their digital body language. 

18:09 Our hosts explain how and why to personalize communication to your recruits' and team members' personalities and learning styles, and how to create content that answers a prospective employee's questions proactively.

35:20 Shawn emphasizes the importance of constant recruiting and searching for people who share your core values, who have that growth mindset to want to continue to learn and improve, and you know, actually have the skills you're looking for to come in and do their jobs well. Recruiting and hiring is not something you want to do reactively! Think about this like lead generation for your business - don't wait until your pipeline is dry to look for new business.

What's up next?

Episode 11 is a doozy, y'all! We'll let you get your wheels turning with the question our next episode aims to answer: Do you need a marketing agency or a growth agency, and how do you know?? Tune in to find out.

Until next time, stay saucy!

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