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Episode 9: Why a True Flywheel Must Include Customer Service Enablement

by Kim Garmon Hummel, on May 28, 2024 2:29:52 PM


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What is a flywheel anyway? If you've been listening, you've probably heard us talking about it. A sales funnel takes prospects in at the top and deposits customers out at the bottom, but most buyers' journeys are not linear. A thoughtful flywheel continuously nurtures prospects with timely content, meeting them where they are and delivering value through strategic touch points that make moments that matter in the entire journey.

Hey there, saucy listeners!

In Episode 9 of Make Moments That Matter, our hosts continue unpacking the business development ecosystem, focusing on customer service enablement. Kim and Shawn discuss ways to build-in (and scale!) moments that matter to keep your customers not just satisfied, but delighted. In order to elevate their experience from "meh" to "magic," you've got to implement trackable, repeatable processes that anticipate and meet your customers' needs, transforming transactional interactions into holistic relationships. The best way to accomplish this feat is by being flexible, meeting customers where they are, utilizing data to enhance your understanding of your customer and what they truly want out of their relationship with your business, and empowering your customer service team to "do it to it!"

If this all sounds easier said than done, you're not wrong! It takes time, patience, practice, dedication, and even some trial and error to get this right. With each turn of the flywheel, you build momentum and you strengthen your team's alignment. 

Tune in for:

00:58 Kim illustrates the flywheel framework and how it differs from the traditional sales funnel, discussing how customers and even employees are incorporated in this model. Yes, we're making moments that matter for everyone
11:31 Our hosts explain how to leverage tools and resources that gather customer data to empower your teams to improve customer experience and create meaningful interactions (aka moments that matter). Kim and Shawn discuss the importance of understanding customer personas and implementing structured processes.

32:14 Shawn emphasizes the importance of practice, gathering feedback, and sharing information across all departments, making that flywheel spin and enabling continuous improvement throughout your organization. 

What's up next?

Guess what, friends, we're still talking flywheel! In Episode 10 (woop woop, double digits) of Make Moments That Matter, our dynamic duo tackles the topic of recruiting and the employee experience. If you're trying to make moments that matter and create momentum throughout your organization, shouldn't you apply that same attention, thoughtfulness and intentionality to the experience you provide for your prospective employees and current team? Yes, you should! Tune in and we'll show you how.

Until next time, stay saucy!

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