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Episode 8: Outbound Isn't Dead! How to Revive Your Outbound Strategy the RIGHT Way

by Shawn Karol Sandy, on May 15, 2024 12:26:22 PM


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What's the number one piece of advice for salespeople? Do better. Meet your prospects where they are in their buying journey. Remember, it's not just about closing deals and crushing your sales goals, it's about making Moments That Matter.

Hey there, saucy listeners!

Episode 8 of Make Moments That Matter is all about building your organization's business development ecosystem. Our hosts, Shawn and Kim, discuss how to integrate inbound, outbound, and hybrid strategies, and how to effectively align these various approaches with your talent and your tech. Spoiler alert: it's all about creating customer-centric content and nurturing relationships. Understanding human behavior is key to tailoring sales strategies and avoiding "peeing in the sales pool" or giving the entire sales profession a bad rap. 

Sales pro Shawn Karol Sandy emphasizes the importance of establishing a clear sales strategy before hiring sales staff, and the nuances of various sales roles and how they fit together to seamlessly blend selling and sales enablement with marketing and customer service enablement. This is what your business development ecosystem is all about! All departments must communicate effectively and work together toward the goal of building customer relationships through adding value - a.k.a. making Moments That Matter.

Tune in for:

9:29 Kim Garmon Hummel explains the concept of the "judiciary branch" in evaluating marketing and sales qualified leads. Does the salesperson need a little help nurturing the lead to close the sale? Was it a bad lead? What can marketing learn from this so that they create better content to attract better fit leads in the future?
15:10 People don't like being sold to. We know this. So how do we approach outbound sales in a way that doesn't put people on the defensive, sensing they're going to be sold to? It's all about using your emotional intelligence, doing your due diligence to research the prospect, and showing up with value so that you are operating with integrity and not wasting their time (and yours).

22:04 Shawn shares the results of her "big, fat survey" of 200 buyers (with a combined BILLION dollars of buying power). She asked these folks what were the things that drove you most insane about salespeople and how they perform. The number one takeaway? Do your homework. Everyone just wants sellers to be better at their job - be better sellers. Listen. Connect on a human level. Be prepared. Offer value. 

What's up next?

We've covered the sales and marketing portions of the flywheel, so what's next? In Episode 9 of Make Moments That Matter, we'll explore customer service enablement. You've closed a deal! Now what? How do you live up to the promises made during the sales process? How do you build and strengthen client relationships? Tune in to find out!

Until next time, stay saucy!

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