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Episode 7: Tech Stack Talk - What We Use & What We Recommend

by Kim Garmon Hummel, on May 1, 2024 5:37:56 PM


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Do you know what a Frankensystem is? Without some strategic planning, it's all too easy to end up with a cobbled together mess of technology that doesn't work together to grow your business.

Hey there, saucy listeners!

In Episode 7 of Make Moments That Matter, we dive into our Tech Stack Talk, exploring the tools we use across various categories such as collaboration, meetings, project management, internal comms, AI, recordings, and more. We share insights on why we love our current products, highlighting integrations and syncing features that enhance efficiency. Additionally, we reflect on past tools, offering a comparative and objective analysis of why certain solutions didn't meet our needs and how they might still benefit other businesses. P.S. check the url - this is episode 007 😎 Nice.

Tune in for:

2:47 Shawn and Kim underscore the importance of choosing the right softwares and platforms for your tech stack. There are many considerations, including your current and future needs; your budget; what in-house skills, capabilities - and bandwidth - you have at your disposal to implement and maintain the technology; and which tools integrate well and will support your long-term business goals.
15:11 Our hosts discuss centering the customer as you plan and build your tech stack, using personalization to enhance customer experiences, making Moments That Matter,

26:04 Kim & Shawn talk about predictive personality assessments (check out Crystal here) and how you can leverage these tools to tailor your communication to speak your target audience's digital love language. 

What's up next?

Episode 8 of Make Moments That Matter is all about OUTBOUND! As a digital agency, I'm sure you're used to hearing us talk about INBOUND marketing, but we're here to tell you that outbound isn't dead, it just has to be done the right way. Tune in to find out how to revive your business's outbound strategy to crush your sales goals - without giving salespeople a bad rap.

Until next time, stay saucy!

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