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Episode 5: How AI Can Ruin Your Marketing

by Kim Garmon Hummel, on Mar 29, 2024 8:50:40 AM


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Find out how AI can impact marketing in 2024 (and beyond), and why it’s important not to view AI as a quick fix. 

Hey there, saucy listeners!

On today’s episode of the Make Moments That Matter podcast, Kim and Shawn discuss how they believe AI is going to shake up the marketing world in 2024 and beyond. 

Sure - there is a lot of focus right now on the benefits AI can bring to your business. But on Episode 5, our hosts consider the cons if implemented incorrectly or in a less-than-thoughtful way. 

They dive into why you can’t treat AI like a magic wand, and the importance of keeping the “human touch” in customer communication. Additionally, our dynamic duo also shares tips on using AI wisely; what to avoid for the best results; and warn against going all in without human fact-checks. 

Kim and Shawn share some of their “trade secrets” about using AI to understand personalities better for super personalized client messages, meetings, and more! It’s not magic - it’s all about creating those real, genuine connections with your audience

The conversation brought ideas on how to keep the quality of your content top-notch, mixing in personal stories and feelings, even with AI lending a hand. Tune into Episode 5 to hear Kim and Shawn chat about all things AI in marketing – the good, the bad, and everything in between!

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0:35: Kim and Shawn discuss the widespread buzz about AI that everyone is talking about. They acknowledge that while many have quickly become overnight experts on AI, they've opted for a more observant approach, taking their time to listen, watch, and rigorously test AI tools before sharing their findings. This methodical approach has helped ensure their advice is grounded in real-world application rather than speculation. 

1:39:  They chuckle a bit at the human tendency to look for quick fixes, noting how society often misjudges technologies like AI as silver bullets capable of solving all problems, a mindset they argue can lead to disappointment. Highlighting the importance of not treating AI as an 'easy button,' Kim and Shawn emphasize the potential pitfalls of relying too heavily on AI without considering its appropriate applications. They argue that while AI holds substantial promise for enhancing marketing strategies, misuse or over-reliance on it could instead lead to unfavorable outcomes. They quote Jill Riley's saying, "a fool with a tool is still a fool," to underline the importance of using AI smartly across marketing, sales, and customer engagement processes to truly benefit from its capabilities without falling into the trap of misuse. They eagerly invite their listeners to explore with them how to leverage AI effectively, ensuring it enhances rather than detracts from their marketing efforts.

5:16: Shawn discusses the use of AI in marketing and outbound sales emails, highlighting the importance of personalized and humanized communication to avoid turning off recipients. It’s so important to do your research and fact-check to ensure your messaging resonates with individual recipients.

7:25: Kim and Shawn discuss the drawbacks of relying too much on AI in marketing. They point out that this reliance can lead to impersonal communication, alienating customers. They highlight a common issue: marketers using AI for research without proper validation, resulting in generic messaging that misses the mark with the audience. They argue that this mass rollout strategy weakens marketing campaigns. Stressing the importance of keeping a human touch in one-on-one marketing conversations, they also mention concerns about SEO when using AI-generated content without adequate rewording, risking penalties from search engines for duplicate content. Copyright problems arise as AI-generated content is not copyrightable, leaving businesses without ownership rights. One suggestion they have is using AI for initial ideas and understanding tone for specific audiences, but warn against making content too uniform through AI. They emphasize the need for original thought to maintain diverse content online. Over-reliance on AI can lower content quality, highlighting the importance of unique contributions to enhance overall content quality.

23:14: Kim and Shawn both believe in finding a good mix of tech without going overboard. They talk about how AI might lead to content gating, but worry it might backfire by getting false data when people are hesitant to share. Comparing it to building relationships, both agree it's better to connect meaningfully than to rush. Mentioning a discussion with Dr. JJ Peterson at the StoryBrand Summit: AI is a tool, not a threat, and can't replace human creativity. Shawn shares stories from her previous positions to show how real, client-focused content wins trust. Their message? Keep it real, use AI wisely, and let human creativity shine.

26:35: Shawn reflects on her belief in pouring heart and soul into her work, rejecting mediocre content outright. For both Kim and Shawn, however, it's not just about leveraging advanced tools like AI to enhance their content, but ensuring it originates from a place of love and genuine desire to help their clients. Shawn highlights that bringing one's soul to marketing efforts can make even imperfect content impactful, emphasizing the human elements that AI cannot replicate. They conclude by pointing to the unique stories and experiences everyone has as the essence of what makes content connect with others, stressing empathy and human connection as crucial for the next episode's focus.

In summary, AI requires the user to strike a balance with using the technology as an assistant, but remembering it’s not a magic wand. Otherwise, it will ruin your marketing if you don’t verify the AI information; maintain personalized customer interactions; and keep a human touch in your content. 

How can you use AI to propel (not implode) your marketing in 2024? Authentic storytelling alongside AI will help create genuine engagement. AI has done a lot to improve content and marketing, but it has also further increased the need for more human-centered business approaches, prioritizing real narratives and empathy in driving successful marketing strategies.

What's up next?

Speaking of the importance of authentic storytelling...stay tuned for Episode 6 of Make Moments That Matter as Kim and Shawn discuss the most important skill in marketing that will lead to more sales. Can you guess what it is? Story! Are you inviting your customers into your brand story, or alienating them by making it all about you. Mark your calendars – this is gonna be a good one!

Until next time, stay saucy!

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