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Episode 4: How to Have the Right People in the Right Roles

by Shawn Karol Sandy, on Mar 20, 2024 7:00:00 AM


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Find out the importance of having the right people in the right roles on your team, and how to identify when someone is (or is not) a good fit for your company’s core values. 

Hey there, saucy listeners!

Episode 4 is all about making Moments That Matter for your team, which - in turn - helps to create a better customer experience (happy team = better results = happier clients).  To do this, business leaders need to focus on aligning people on your team with the right roles.

Our dynamic duo and Sauce Agency Growth Guides, Kim and Shawn, discuss the importance of clear and aligned core values, and how to identify when someone is (or is not) a good fit for those values.

They emphasize the need to hire slowly and fire quickly, while also acknowledging that mistakes will be made along the way. As always, your hosts share personal experiences from their pasts, including hiring, firing, and transitioning employees into different roles within their companies. They also touch on the importance of having a clear strategy for employees to work towards achieving goals.

They spill the beans on using the "people analyzer" tool during recruitment and after hiring. Other strategies and topics on the table today include: regular check-ins with their team; nailing recruitment culture; setting clear processes; and documenting processes to help spot any people or process hiccups.

Shawn and Kim are all about getting the A-team in place! They discuss the magic of diverse hiring and snagging talent who have an entrepreneurial spark.

As always, it’s all about making Moments That Matter for customers and your team, and letting employees have a say in defining their “obsessions” is key! In summary, putting the right peeps in the right spots is a must for making Moments That Matter at YOUR company. Tune in to find out how! It’s about to get saucy, friends.

Tune in for:

2:22: Both Shawn and Kim agree that having the right person in the right role is a crucial part of your team’s success. Kim discusses how setting clear, actionable core values is key in guiding decisions like hiring, firing, recognition, and rewards. If those core values are in place, it makes it easier to recognize friction that arises when individuals and core values are not aligned. Shawn also talks about how trusting their gut instincts makes sense for them - as partners and leaders - because their core values are so tied to who they are as people. It allows them to attract employees that want to live within those core values.  Shawn and Kim get real about how the longer you allow someone to exist in your culture who isn't a good fit, the more at risk you're putting your entire culture. So while efforts to help individuals improve are commendable, sometimes swift action in firing based on core values alignment is necessary for organizational harmony and success.

15:24:  Kim and Shawn delve into their admiration for the EOS approach, underlining the significance of the people analyzer tool in evaluating employees. They emphasize the value of quarterly check-ins to capture varied insights and gauge job contentment - even asking employees directly: “Do they get their role? Do they have the capacity to do their role? And, do they want their role?” Even in the face of hurdles such as potential culture misalignments, they acknowledged the importance of streamlining specific processes for scalability while upholding their proven effective methods.

23:47: Kim emphasizes the importance of scaling a business while maintaining documented processes to prevent "bad actors" from hiding. She recommends using the Recipe for Results Blueprint (get your FREE download here!) for planning roadmaps, projects, and process improvements. Kim shares a personal experience highlighting the impact of having processes in place to distinguish between people and process problems. By documenting and implementing processes effectively, businesses can eliminate hiding spots for “bad actors” and ensure team alignment.

29:59: Kim and Shawn take a trip down memory lane, chatting about their startup days. Kim's childhood hustle selling homemade potpourri to neighbors showed her early business flair! Now in their current roles as business owners and leaders, they stress how vital it is to keep that entrepreneurial fire alive in business by hiring people who also have that spark! Innovation, smart problem-solving, and strategic thinking are key to spurring growth. They discuss how they are working to create a positive work vibe that's supportive and intentional. 

37:32: Kim and Shawn discuss the importance of defining clear obsessions for team members in order to drive focus and productivity. They emphasize the shift from traditional job descriptions to pinpointing three to five key areas each team member should be obsessed about daily, promoting accountability and engagement. By involving employees in the process of determining their obsessions during quarterly check-ins, they increase buy-in and motivation. This approach not only reveals employees' passions and strengths but also grants them the freedom to excel in areas they care about most, leading to improved processes and efficiencies. The obsessions serve as guiding principles for prioritization, ensuring that daily tasks align with overarching business goals and individual responsibilities.

42:13: Kim and Shawn cook up a plan in real-time during the podcast. They decide that they want to try implementing short videos to introduce team members and their obsessions - making new hires' onboarding personalized and informative in a fun way. They might even slot these videos into the accountability chart for that extra special touch. Shawn is all about showing off your personality through video to help everyone get to know you better. 

We hope you enjoyed today’s episode and the authentic anecdotes on hiring strategies, team transitions, and goal alignment for employees!

Assembling an exceptional A-team takes intentional time, thoughtful effort, and clear strategy. Most importantly, it involves aligning individual responsibilities with overarching business goals to ensure a cohesive and successful team. 

What's up next?

You won't want to miss this! Stay tuned for Episode 5 of Make Moments That Matter as Kim and Shawn discuss one of the hottest topics in business: the impact of AI. They’ll examine AI benefits; how Sauce Agency is using this technology; pitfalls in content marketing; and the limitations of AI in crafting a StoryBrand. Mark your calendars – this is gonna be good!

Until next time, stay saucy!

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