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Episode 3: Why Marketing and Sales Should Never Be Siloed

by Shawn Karol Sandy, on Mar 6, 2024 7:00:00 AM


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Find out why marketing and sales should never be siloed, and how merging the two can make some serious Moments That Matter for your team and customers. 

Hey there, saucy listeners!

Get ready for the latest episode of the Make Moments That Matter podcast with Sauce Agency Growth Guides, Kim and Shawn!

In Episode 3, they dive into the importance of aligning marketing initiatives with sales goals, and the importance of breaking down silos between departments.

Shawn shares her expertise about the power of curiosity and asking questions to understand customers' needs, as well as the role of unified messaging in creating incredible experiences. Speaking of unified, they also go a little off script to dive into the importance of StoryBrand, a methodology we use here at Sauce Agency for all of our clients, helping brands clarify their messaging to attract and engage customers. It's a total paradigm shift!

The dynamic duo also dish out insights on empowering employees and teams, while Kim shares an awesome analogy about cooking dinner as a family and how teamwork makes the dream work.

From customer-centricity to brand standards, Shawn and Kim explore the concept of equilibrium, and reveal the secrets to personal and organizational growth. 

Tune in to this episode packed with RevOps wisdom! And be sure to get their FREE website evaluation by simply completing the form below -or- emailing Sauce Agency at moments@sauceagency.com - BAM!

Tune in for:

1:15: Shawn takes the lead in discussing the challenges they face in their sales and marketing roles. They emphasize the importance of understanding customers' needs and tailoring presentations and proposals accordingly. The struggle between marketing and sales departments is highlighted, with Shawn sharing her experience as a sales professional where she would find herself “in trouble” with marketing within different companies and client engagements. The control exerted by marketing over content creation, especially videos, becomes a point of contention. Shawn and Kim agree that viewing sales and marketing as separate entities is misleading, advocating for better alignment and collaboration between the two departments. They acknowledge that while friction exists, the natural siloing of sales and marketing often occurs as businesses grow. However, they emphasize that ultimately, both disciplines contribute to overall business development.

8:08: In the business world, effective communication is crucial! Shawn shares how it's not just about talking to customers, but also listening to your service, production, and operations teams. They provide valuable insights into customer preferences and timelines. To truly understand your customers, ensure that feedback from customer service reaches sales and marketing. When marketing, sales, and services collaborate, magic happens! Kim and Shawn both stress that sharing information, setting goals, and reviewing performance should involve everyone.

21:43: Marketing, sales, and service have the opportunity to attract, compel, convert, retain, and grow loyal customers at various touchpoints. For example, the website serves not only as a marketing tool but also as a reference point during the sales process. It's fascinating to observe how prospects and existing customers alike revisit the website for different purposes. Shawn dives into some of the Moments That Matter, including communication and training, and how they involve the collaboration of marketing, sales, and service teams. Understanding human biology, psychology, and sociology is crucial in creating magical moments, and empowering the entire team from marketing to service is key to attracting and retaining loyal customers. Shawn shares her expertise and experience, noting the results she has seen when all teams are given the opportunity to contribute to organizational success. She emphasizes that by providing them with the same tools and skills, unity and alignment are achieved, resulting in exceptional customer experiences and a cohesive work environment for team members! 

30:22: Kim passionately discusses the importance of collaboration over competition in both family dynamics and organizational success. Using a relatable analogy of cooking dinner together, Kim emphasizes the power of working towards a common goal and the positive impact it can have on relationships and business growth. With a touch of humor, Kim highlights the significance of creating a psychologically safe workspace where ideas can be freely shared, failures are embraced, and individual brilliance is celebrated. Through this engaging conversation, Kim and Shawn encourage a shift towards customization, personalization, and aligning the brand with the needs of the customer, ultimately inspiring a more vibrant and successful approach to sales and marketing that creates a fertile business development ecosystem..

43:33: Kim and Shawn discuss the importance of investing in personal and team development to empower and engage employees in driving organizational growth. They emphasize that continuous growth is crucial for businesses to stay competitive and avoid being left behind by the ever-evolving world. They also highlight the significance of having the right people in the right positions, stressing that it's not just about filling seats but finding the perfect fit. 

44:32 Just a reminder that Kim and Shawn invite listeners to take advantage of a FREE website evaluation by emailing them at moments@sauceagency.com!

Hopefully this episode helped debunk the misconception that marketing and sales should be separate squads. In summary, let's break down silos and unite marketing, sales, and service, so we can Make Moments That Matter in our businesses!

Embrace holistic business development and align all departments for success, creating a common language and understanding of the customer journey. By continuously adapting systems and processes to foster collaboration and alignment, you’ll see more equilibrium and stability in your organization. And - as always - don't forget to invest in leadership development and empower your team. Together, you can achieve greatness!

What's up next?

On Episode 4 of Make Moments That Matter, Kim and Shawn will delve into the topic of assembling the right team. Your hosts share the deets on aligning core values and spotting those who just don't fit the bill. It’s all about taking your time to hire, but not afraid to cut ties fast when needed. Of course, they admit mistakes happen, but they've got stories to share about hiring, firing, and shifting folks around. Oh, and they dish on how having a clear strategy helps everyone slay those goals!

Until next time, stay saucy!

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