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Episode 1: Why Making Moments That Matter Will Grow Your Business

by Kim Garmon Hummel, on Feb 7, 2024 12:13:45 PM


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Find out how to make moments that matter, and why it's key to business growth.  

Hey there, saucy listeners!

Kim and Shawn are here to shake things up with the FIRST EVER EPISODE of the Make Moments That Matter podcast! And guess what? It's all about the power of creating moments that matter for business growth. Get ready for an engaging discussion packed with insights, stories, and takeaways for immediate action.

In this kickoff episode, our dynamic duo dives deep into the concept of friction in business. You know, those pesky problems or symptoms that can put a damper on growth? Yeah, we've all been there, and - for many of us - we are still there.

Kim and Shawn stress the importance of evaluating how systems and processes impact both customers and employees.

They even share relatable examples of friction they've experienced, like communication issues both internally with a team, and also client-facing, too.

Tune in for:

0:48: Our hosts guide you through the maze of friction and show you the path to customer satisfaction and employee morale. They highlight the significance of aligning sales, marketing, and services teams to avoid misunderstandings and deliver on promises made to customers. Think of it as the ultimate power team coming together to tackle friction head-on!

12:43: Kim gets all science-y (in a fun way, we promise) and compares friction in business to physics. Just like how friction creates heat and smoke that can lead to fire, unresolved friction can wreak havoc on your business. So, let's put out those fires and focus on eliminating friction, rather than just slapping a temporary fix on it with new technologies.

22:04: Shawn and Kim emphasize the importance of aligning systems within a business. Remember, systems are only as good as the processes they support and the people running those processes. They discuss the common pitfalls, like investing in fancy technology without utilizing it effectively and having fragmented systems that hinder data-driven decision making. It's time to break down those barriers and create a seamless experience for your customers.

28:01: Kim talks about the friction caused by Franken-systems, and also dives into an anecdote related to challenges faced by the medical industry in aligning data and providing a top-notch experience for patients. It's a reminder that no matter the industry, aligning systems and processes is key to reducing friction and creating meaningful experiences.

39:36: Change management takes the spotlight as Kim and Shawn stress the importance of accepting and documenting current processes before making improvements. They advocate for diversity within teams and the magic that happens when different viewpoints and personalities come together. Oh, and they even include this FREE nifty tool called the "Recipe for Results Blueprint" that captures ideas and aligns perspectives. How cool is that?

That's a wrap for Episode 1 of the Make Moments That Matter podcast!

Remember, change is good, systems and processes are essential, and embracing moments that matter is the secret sauce for business growth.

What's up next?

Kim and Shawn walk the talk. They prioritize action over mere words and encourage you to do the same. So, buckle up, because in the next episode, they'll be tackling the struggle of working in the business instead of on it. Get ready for some game-changing advice on how to break free from that cycle and level up your business.

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